Purchasing a new home?

Don’t let the entire process of becoming a new homeowner be stressful. Our certified inspectors at Jim Kovalak Excavating & Septic Tank Cleaning can make it easier.

Certified well and septic inspections

With over 45 years of experience, our professionals have the qualifications and experience to assist you with all your home inspection and well water testing needs. We know purchasing a new home can be overwhelming, that is why our inspectors strive to make the process as painless as possible.

Some helpful tips

  • Washtenaw County requires a time of sale inspection when you either are buying or selling a home (valid for 12 months). In the case of a well being used on the property, water samples are also required to be taken and tested in order for the deed to transfer.
  • Wayne County requires a time of sale inspection (valid for 6 months) as well as a pumping of the septic tank at the time of buying or selling an occupied home.
  • Keep in mind when purchasing a home in a county that does not require a time of sale inspection, you may be purchasing a home on a failed or failing septic system and will encounter trouble when you move in. For this reason, we recommend having a private time of sale inspection done, in order to avoid any possible future trouble.

Operation and Maintenance Yearly Inspection

The homeowner in Washtenaw County with an Advanced Treatment System is required yearly to test, evaluate and review the working quality of their system.

The annual inspection is to review of all components of the sewage system, cleaning of the septic tank effluent filter, flushing laterals, testing of the sand filter effluent through a certified laboratory and measurement of the water level in the trenches. We are certified in Washtenaw County to provide this yearly inspection, and will send out a reminder to all of our O&M customers who may have forgotten by the years end.

Example of clay tile found at a time of sale inspection:


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