O&M Inspection

We are a Certified Operation and Maintenance Provider (COMP) that you can contract to schedule any necessary maintenance of your advanced septic system. When having an O&M (Operation and Maintenance) Inspection done, we will submit this annual operational inspection report to the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department for filing. We submit these reports to WCHD on your behalf. This annual operational inspection report must be completed every year as per the requirements of Washtenaw County.

WCHD will review the report and communicate back to you one of the following:

  • The system is operating in full compliance with no immediate corrections needed
  • The system is in compliance, but there are repair or maintenance items that need to be corrected by the time of the next annual report
  • The system has significant operational / maintenance deficiencies that need prompt corrective action
  • The system is not in compliance with the Operating Permit

Please give us a call to schedule your O&M Inspection before the end of the year.

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