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How to find your septic and well file

Washtenaw County

If you live in Washtenaw County, you can access your septic, well and other files from the county via this website. Simply input your address and click search, if you have any files with Washtenaw County you will find it here.

This is an example of what it will look like when you have put in your address. Simply open up the file you wish to view by clicking on it. Underlined in red are the permit names. Septic information will often not be labeled (see the first search result). Otherwise, you want to look for the file name SEW. Well information would be under WEL. Previously filed time of  sale inspections will often be filed with the main file or with the septic file, otherwise they will be named TOS.

Washtenaw Records

Livingston County

You can look up your file with Livingston County via this website. It’s recommended to only put the digital address of your property, and not the street name, in order to get the best results (where the red arrow is pointing to). This will open a new page with the list of files with that address, simply look for your street and open the file.

Livingston records.png

Other counties

The surrounding counties in which we work: Wayne, Monroe, Lenawee, Livingston, Jackson, Oakland and Ingham require the submission of a FOIA request formally filled out. If you would like to get a copy of your file from these counties, you can either contact them directly or have us get a copy on your behalf.

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